Friday, May 9, 2008

Great Etsy Finds

I went shopping last week on Etsy. The first pic is of and adorable apron I bought from Sugar Creek Stuff..My eight year old is modeling it. It will be perfect for wearing while throwing clay..Thanks Michelle.

The cute clay items are from a amazing lady Bonnie who sculpted the little turtle, cupcake( so cute) , crater balls, and heart. They are all hand carved with her thumb, and have tiny little balls that rattle. I bought the turtle for my cousin who is having a baby this June. They are the cutest things you ever did see!!

And..lastly, the top photo is my teapot that Melissa made at Bridgman Pottery..How cute is that?? She has other great things as well. It`s fun collecting the handmade from my friends that i have met.

So now, go visit them they are on my fun friends page.

Bridgman pottery

Clay and Chocolate..she is a pastry chef as well.

and Michelle at Sugar Creek Stuff.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Love the apron! I'd hate to get clay on that one! Cute clay pieces, too.


sugarcreekstuff said...

Thanks for the kind words. Your model is adorable, its wrapped around her twice.

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