Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Here's my mess..It has taken me two days, and I am still not done. I have ten hanging baskets. I ran all over town to find the coco liners. Everyone was out. Last night I got lucky at Wall mart. My last resort. I drag my mom with me, and we both went our separate ways. My cell phone is broken, so we had no way to communicate. We could not find each other! I was at one end, she was at the other, even went to the parking lot to see if I was there. She got some weirdo guy in line telling her his life story. Everyone tells my mom everything! She is that kind of lady. It really cracks me up. We finally found each other..

Yesterday we took my Dad to the emergency room. All is okay, and he is home now. He was having heart pains. Mom and I told him he better go get checked out at the emergency room..He had no choice. When he got there he got all hooked up with the monitors, and was asked tons of questions. I left for a minute and went and to get mom and I some coffee, and I get back and my dad says, "watch this, watch the white line on the monitor" . So I do. ( the nurses had left) and He holds his breath..and holds it for about twenty seconds..and then, the white line disappears and alarm goes off and the nurses run in. He is a big old feisty jokester. He did it three times while I was there. I actually was cracking up and my mom was telling me to stop encouraging him.. He is OK, and needs to see his Dr. when he gets back to Montana. Glad we checked him out. He will be 79 next month.

That's all the stories for today. I have to go pick up my kids. They are so cranky in the afternoon. and fight. I dread it!


Deb said...

Glad everything is ok with your Dad Julie - he sounds like a jokester :-}
I see you are planting Dahlias - I love them too. The cocoa liners are hard to find here too - planting for our zone is in a couple of weeks (Victoria Day long weekend) ... maybe I should head out and get the cocoa liners now before the rush :-}

farmerjulie said...

hi Deb..thanks. Yes, go find the mats. It was a real pain! Dahlias are so great. they just keep on giving and giving!

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