Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mom and Dad left today. I cried. Its sad for me that we live far apart. We laughed alot and got on each other nerves a bit. but thats ok .thats family,I miss them. they are really special people.

I had a lonely day. quiet. I was tired. I got a lot done though. Finished my art mom clay projects..well almost. Took them out of the kiln, a couple pieces broke off, so I need to glue them. The kids will give them as mothers day presents. I saw one of the girls in Does class in the hallway today as I was picking them up..She came up and was wondering when i was bringing them back. cute. I remember my clay project in kindergarten. I loved it..and I still have it.

I watched a documentary tonight. A daughter told the story of her deaf parents at age 65 getting hearing implants. It was very good. I liked it alot. I cried. its on HBO if you want to catch it..something different and interesting.

Tomorrow is Friday. Ben is going to a birthday party right after school, and they are picking the kids up from school. That makes me somewhat nervous. I called the mom and told her about Bens diabetes. Her sister has it, so that made me feel better. And his friend is a nice kid. I met him, and come to find out he looks after Ben in class. I will go to the school at the end of the day and bring him a burrito and some stuff..Thats about all..

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Donna said...

Hi Julie,
Love all of your wonderful etsy finds, especially the apron! The colors are so pretty.
Isn't etsy great?!
Have a great weekend!

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