Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I produced some vases with black glaze. I wasn't quite sure .. I bought it for a special order and I decided to try a couple . I am pleasantly pleased. I made some mugs..I was not so thrilled. I decided that i am sticking with my vases, and pots, and bowls. I want to keep it to where I enjoy what i am doing. And if it is not practical, well then so be it. I am not in it to make a bunch of money..just to get by and do what I love to do. Besides, I think there should be more flowers in this world. And if there are more flowers, there ought to be more vases..SO there.!

The flowers are blooming. Lilac is just finishing, now I have viburnum, bearded iris, lily of the valley, bleeding hearts, little geranium ( the perennial variety) salvia,..fun. just when I think I do not want it to end( like the lilac), something pretty pops up and takes it's place.

Have a bright beautiful , friendly, happy, doing what you want or love to do kind of day.


melody ross said...

Julie you are making me drool! I have to come over and see your yard while the flowers are all in bloom...can I??

RowanDevoe said...

I found you! I love your vases so much! They are truly original and fantastic. One day one will be mine....

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

LOOOOOOK at your amazing flowers! I should have you give us a How To Grow 101 Tutorial. What kind of soil do you have? Your flowers are just breathtaking. Love the bleeding hearts, too!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

PS: Love the black vase! Dramatic!

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