Sunday, June 29, 2008

It has been such a busy week...the little one went to diabetes camp for five days. Hannah and I dropped her off in the beautiful Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho..She had a blast. I missed her so much. This is us picking her up in the car. . So, after Hannah and i dropped her off, we headed to Sun Valley and stayed the night. We went out to a nice dinner, bought some ice cream and spoons , People and Us magazines, watched The E true Hollywood Story..(yes, i like that kind of stuff) every once in awhile of course, and slept in! Oh , and we laughed a ton. We needed a little time to just be together. All of my time has been spent on the other kids with diabetes stuff, and cooking, and measuring stuff.
I have managed to make some pottery. Lots of fun new colors soon to show you! It has been hotter than heck here. It was an awful 107 degrees here..I almost melted. I am tempted to buy and air conditioner for my studio. It just is too hot for this girl. The good thing about the heat, is that the pots dry fast. !

Time to open the windows and cool the house down for the morning..Hope all is well with you guys!

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

You both are just beautiful! Angelic!!

Hope it is cooling down for you. It has been hot here, too, but with some cool breezes at night. Gotta love it when God sends the ocean breeze our way.


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