Monday, June 30, 2008

Project Linus

When Greer was at camp last week she received this quilt from Project Linus. All 44 kids that attended camp received a beautiful handmade quilt. I was blown away by this act of kindness. All of the work and hours these ladies put into creating the quilt is truly amazing! I just want to say thank you to Project Linus, for making camp a little but cozier and making her feel special and loved. You made a difference with my daughters diagnosis..she sleeps with it every night now. Thanks!!!

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Those women who make quilts for comfort projects are amazing women. So unselfish AND creative.

Greer's quilt is wonderful and so vibraint in color. I am sure she will treasure it forever. Glad to hear she enjoyed her time at camp. Lucky girl! Hi Greer - love your quilt sweetheart!!


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