Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Pots and selling things

Some new pots glazed in black. I just listed them on Etsy! What do you think?? Do you like the black. I have done more in white, because I think the white shows off the flowers a little bit better. Anyway, just thought I would tell you.

Also, some good news if you live around here in Idaho. I will be offering my fresh flowers, and vases at a darling little store in downtown Eagle. It is called My Secret Cottage. A great gal Melissa owns it and carries darling things. She is moving her store into the Old Jackson's Building. She is taking half of the consignment shop and will be moving in July 1st. I plan on having bouquets in her shop that week. I am excited that she wants my pots! I will keep you posted, and take some pictures and give your the address and all that jazz..

So, Have a great night. Back at ya tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

I love the black pots. The flowers look so much brighter in them

Deb said...

Love the black pots too. How great that you will be selling your fresh flowers & vases ~ love the name of the shop too. Looking forward to seeing pics.

bonnie said...

julie that is awesome.
and i love the black glaze.

Donna said...

I love the black, Julie!
Congrats on getting your vases in the downtown shop!

farmerjulie said...

thanks girls. thanks for stopping by!

Lisa Gallup said...

I loooove the black pots!!! Can't you see them in the fall filled with orange mums?! :) Soooo cool about My Secret Cottage!! Congrats!!

bridgmanpottery said...

Julie, how fabulous for you! I'm so pleased that you're such a great success! And that I have some of your first pieces!

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