Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trinkus Lake

A few pics from our trip..My pics are all over the place so bear with me. This is Kehoe. He is the outfitter. There were fourteen of us. We rode horses in, and Kehoe and his son Bridger packed all of our gear on about twenty mules. It really is quite a production. Kehoes business is called:
click on his website for more info.

This was my horse Ranger..what a doll he was.

Here is my Dad. He is 79 years young. Grew up in Montana, and is a real outdoors man. His brother ( my uncle) went with us..He is a true survivor man as well. Both grew up hunting elk, and working for the forest service. sweet daughter Hannah. Ben is in the background, and Keith my little cousin. Heading up the mountain. It was seven miles to Trinkus Lake.

Kehoe and Bridger.(Don't ya just love those Montana names?) This is when we arrived at camp and they were unloading our gear. This is real camping. None of that sissy car parked, camping with showers kind of stuff for this group. I grew up camping this way. I think it might be nice to be able to run to the store for ice or some french fries, or go sneak in a movie?

I have more to share.

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