Friday, August 1, 2008

cherry stand

cherry stand
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I took this last year. Along the East Lake shore of the Flathead lake, it is an ideal place to grow cherries. There are hundreds of orchards . My dad grew up on a cherry farm just down the road from this stand. You can find many of these stands lined up on highway 35..One of my favorite drives in the country. The cherry season lasts about two weeks. The stand will all be opened, and selling their cherries! yum!


Linda Crispell said...

I believe I have gone my entire life without ever trying a huckleberry! I will have to check our local farmer's market to see if they are even available.

fourlittleloves said...

Hi Julie!! Thanks for the comments!! Of course you can add us onto your list. We would love that! I already added you to mine because I love your blog!! Hope that is ok... I am so glad we are in touch fun! So how many kids do you have now? I think when I worked for you, you only had one little boy at the time.
Hope you are having a blast in Montana! My husband was born there and lived there for quite a few years! He loves it there!! He goes there to fish with his brothers now. Well take care in keep in touch! :o)

julie king said...

my hubbie and i love cherries as well. the stand is so quaint and country. wish i could be there to visit!

Half of the Style Sisters said...

Hi Julie,
Yes please feel free to add us to your favorite blog list. We will add you to ours as well. I am so glad that you and Tiffany connected! It is truly a small world isn't it!!


Sally's Chateau said...

Hi Julie,
I used to be a fruit grower in a 'previous life' before we moved to the South of France, it's lovely but hard work to have a fruit farm !!

farmerjulie said...

Linda: yes, they are good. Let me know if you find some!
Hi Tiffany..where was your husband born? I have four kids, just like you!

julie..its such a pretty place. love cherries too!
karen: small world indeed!! I will add you!
Hi Sally..i am sure it is hard work! Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your blog ! what a life you have!! Lovely..

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