Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I lost my cell phone again..I am good at that lately. I am hoping Hannah took it on accident to school. We have the same one.

I have been on my own holding down the fort the last few days. Mike is out of town on a business trip. I do not sleep well when he travels, it will be good to have him come home. I leave on every porch light that i have, front , back, barn etc. If he knew, he would not be happy. You see, I want the bogeyman and robbers to think we are wide awake and ready to attack them if they even try getting us.. Paranoid. I know. So what are your crazy habits, that you do, that nobody knows, that you can reveal to the blogging world on Farmerjulie? Oh, I have one more. When we go to the movies I make whoever is with me, usually my family sit in the back row. That's right folks..that way those popcorn chewers and candywrappers and talkers will not be doing it in my EAR! My family is trained now, they just head on up to the back row, like it is second nature..

Off to go create some pots! Back later to read what you all write!!



heidi said...

when my husband travels i turn on all the outdoor lights too!! and all the dogs sleep on the bed with me. i double and triple check that my doors are locked. thats what living in crazy LA does to you.

your blog is beautiful and it brightens my day!

farmerjulie said...

Hi Heidi! i am from so cal! where in L.A.? so i am not the only one huh??

Linda Crispell said...

Soup can alarm system here! If the stack of soup cans ever topples over I'm not sure what I would do.
Why did popcorn catch on as a movie theater food? Couldn't they have come up with a quieter snack? Wonder Bread and marshmallows.

Donna said...

Hi Julie,
I always keep outside lights on, and some inside! I always have a habit of rechecking the doors to make sure they are locked!

Aren't we silly!


Felicia said...

A break in routine always makes it hard for me to sleep too. Hope you find your cell phone!

bonnie said...

i have booby traps~
noisy bells
heavy chairs...

i hate to be snuck up on.

Half of the Style Sisters said...

I do the same thing!! My hubby travels to Asia quite a lot and the house seems to have noises that only show up when he is gone. I do have my trusty chocolate lab sleeping in my room and is very aware of anything out of the ordinary. The more light the better I always say.

Thanks again for your kind thoughts and words for our brother.

farmerjulie said...

hey Linda..soup cans..hmm that is a really great idea! i am going to try that one!

donna..we are silly!

Felicia..good to see you! I found my cell phone!

Bonnie! hi..i like the booby trap idea..very clever!!

Karin..glad to know I am not the lone fradie cat..hang in there with your brother. that is huge. hugs to you guys!!

Petit Elefant said...

Those things are slippery aren't they?

PJ's talkin'.... said...

I love your header on your blog. Those flowers make me smile. Your blog and art are a treat. thanks, PJ

julie king said...

when my hubbie travels overnight i take the dog for a long walk before dark so he goes potty a bunch of times. i don't like to let him out in the backyard after dark and i want ALL the doors locked before dark. my other quirk is i won't go back to a restaurant that has dirty bathrooms. if the bathroom is dirty what shape is the kitchen in???!!!

farmerjulie said...

hey petie..very slippery!! ha
hi PJ's , thanks for stopping by!! and miss julie. thanks for your bowl order!
thats a good one..never thought of the bathroom before, but now I will!

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