Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nasturtiums Baskets..

I plant my own baskets every year. Probably because I am too cheap, and being in the flower business for so long I was use to those wholesale prices. Plus I have twelve to fill each year, and that would add up to millions of dollars. ya know? So..i always have a fear of something dying while I am on vacation. Bad dreams, the whole nine yards.Thats why I hardly go anywhere because my plants need me!.So I went to Montana this year, and guess who forgot to turn on the sprinklers on my hanging baskets? Well, lets just say it was that cute kid in picture of my last post. I was uspet to say the least. I soon got over it, and I went driving around nursery to nursery, thats what I do, I go to a bunch of them to get the best deals and prices and quality. I am weird like that. Well, in Idaho, they stop carrying plants in August because of the freezing weather. So I decide I will just get a pack of seeds of nasturtiums and see how it goes. I know they grow fast, and I always have them in by baskets with other complimenting plants. So, here they are. Not bad, I would say, and it only cost about $4.00 for the seeds, and look! so pretty!!


Vickie said...

Your baskets look very nice. I have two hanging baskets and had to replant after they got neglected when I was feeling under the weather. They really do require constant attention. I think they do better up in Idaho. Utah valleys are just too hot. I always come home from Norhtern mountain towns wanting baskets just as nice. I don't know if I will try again next year. My bracket broke off the fence on one of them. I think the fence is getting too old to carry the weight. I enjoy your beautiful blog.

Linda Crispell said...

I can't believe those started as seeds in August! Aren't those edible flowers?

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