Monday, October 13, 2008

Here are some warm wooley socks that I made for Moi!
The last bouquet of the season. Everything is all shriveled up.. So sad.

Well, I did not go on my little adventure. There was snow, and I hate driving in that white yucky stuff..and good thing, because they closed the road down. I would have been stuck somewhere between here and there..

Kiln update. The part that came in did not work, so they tell me by Thursday it should be up and running. I hope so..I need that thing!

Today I am throwing things out.. A much needed chore around here..

Have a good day blog friendlies!


Eileen said...

Awe.. so sad. But they are still pretty. Next year I need to plant zineas!
Those socks look cozy.

Vickie said...

I was concerned that you might be driving in that messy snow storm. I'm glad you stayed put. There were a lot of accidents in Northern Ut. I hope the kiln woes get resolved soon. Have a fun, productive day.

Anonymous said...

Sad as well we won't be seeing your lovely flowers. Thankfully you are clever and creative enough to use apples!! Can't wait to see what else you come up with this fall season.
Much love,

P.S Snow?! Already??

Judy said...

Oh no, snow already? One of my next projects is socks for myself. My husband has put in an order for a pair of wool ones. Though, I have to admit I haven't made any socks yet. I love the color you made yours in.

Fantastic Figments said...

WOW snow already!!!! AHHHHHHHH NOOOOO haha.. I do love this post though, I think your apple center piece is WONDERFUL! What a great idea. You never know what to do with those little apples!

Thanks for the idea.. STAY WARM


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The flowers are gorgeous! I heart zinneas.
Those socks--the color, the coziness, I think they look fantasticly warm.

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