Friday, October 10, 2008

Utah Art Market

I am thinking of driving five hours South East to Salt Lake City tomorrow to go to this:

Anyone of you going? Have you ever been?? I would love to know. I just found out about it yesterday, and it is calling my name..I use to be way more spontaneous and do things like this a lot more..Seems like kinda fun..

The play last night was so great! I was so proud of my little friend! She did awesome. The play is called Dark Rituals and it is playing at the Stage Coach Theater. I do not think you would be disappointed if you went. Much better than going to the movies. We loved it!

It is raining and cold. I just got back from the kiln Dr. I have to go put the new part back on..think happy thoughts!

What are you doing this weekend??


Jenn said...

I wish I was going!! How fun...sounds like a great trip!! Hope your kiln is feelin' better soon:) Really love your last few posts and all your photos. Just makes me want to come live on the farm!!!:)

happy weekend!!

Deb said...

Hi Julie
I have so much catching up to do here starting with copying down your recipe for pumpkin muffins which look delicious!! Your apple bouquets are gorgeous! Our friends dropped off a huge bushel basket of green apples ... I may just try my hand at one of your bouquets for our Thanksgiving table this weekend :-)

learn chinese said...
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Anonymous said...
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Fifi Flowers said...

An art show sounds wonderful! My weekend was quiet... with a bit of catching up on work... ugh!

Eileen said...

So did you go??


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