Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I made dinner reservations for tomorrow.No cooking! everyone wanted to go out. How could I argue with that? They don`t eat most of it anyway.Then we will go see a movie..I am eating a pecan pie with chocolate chips in it. It is really good. I made it myself. I think i could win an award it is so good!I will post the recipe later..I am too tired.I had some gals from my bible study come and make pies yesterday. It was fun, but wore me out. I dont know why?
What are you guys doing??
I watched the History channel with the White House. Love the White House. I have a secret burning desire to be the official White House florist. I do...ever since I walked through it for the first time eleven years ago. How would one get that job? Hmm just curious.Thats about all..Happy Thanksgiving my friends. You mean a lot to me


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi sweet friend! Oh joy to not have to cook!! We have done dinner out before and it was so wonderful to savour the wonderful bounty without having to break a sweat!!!

Enjoy, enjoy!!!


Linda Crispell said...

Dear Julie,
I hope you had a lovely and relaxing day!
I will work with you at the White House. I would love to work with the Social Secretary in planning White House parties!
P.S. I piked up one of your vases at Red Shoes, the greatest store on earth!!!!

FarmHouse Style said...

Someday I am going to go out for Thanksgiving dinner....all of the goodness with none of the work, sounds great!

Hope your day was wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Oh you are so lucky! I'm still trying to recoop after our huge feast. So glad you had a great holiday!

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