Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hello!! How are you? I am fine thank you!
Had a great holiday with my immediate family..This week marks our five year anniversary living in Idaho..
We thought maybe we would move back to California, when Ben was diagnosed with type one..then Greer was diagnosed, and it just seemed easier to stay. Plus our house did not sell..I think i am finally getting use to it. I hated the winters and always made the excuse that it was too cold to walk or run..but this past month i have been committing to walking in the cold. It is not that bad either! I can handle it.
The pansy's are blooming. I think they got cheated in the name department. When you say pansy what comes to your mind? Weak, frail,wimpy, right? I thought so. But when you really think about it and know what they do , well you might just think differently..this little flower is blooming, and it was 26f this morning, and has been freezing here the last month. Look how beautiful they are? So pretty! I love them..they make me happy.

another little pot. been trying to catch up.. A big order is headed out to red Shoes of Ann Arbor this week! Thank you Catherine!
and I will have more on my Etsy shop trickling in the next week..

I have no idea why my words are not matching up. sorry about that.
Hope all is well. ! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Julie, the pansies are beautiful just like your pots. I think you are very brave to walk in the cold, I turned the heat up just thinking about it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi julie, love the pots and pansies. I can't wait for spring:)I went to red shoes last sat and saw your vases!! Love catherines store!!Have a great weekend!!Elma

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I love pansies and those pots are divine.
The Midwest isn't so bad when you factor out the weather--the standard of living easily exceeds that on either coast.

Judy said...

Your pots are always so beautiful. My husband and I walk and run in the cold. The last time it was 18° outside. As long as you're dressed for it you'll be fine.

Linda Crispell said...

Your life looks so picturesque in Idaho and I can't believe you still have flowers blooming! You're right about the name, perhaps something a bit hardier would do.
I love my new pot from Red Shoes, you can see which one I picked up on my blog.
Your Pal,

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVELY work in lovely photos!
ENJOY your day!

Kar said...

Love the pots Julie! The girls are playing with their sculpey and are trying to make something as nice as your they said. Take Care!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Aren't pansies just the sweetest flower? The do best when they endure the winter's coldness.

Lovely arrangement!!!


Donna said...

Hi Julie,
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I love pansies, and now I am reminded to get to the garden center to plant some! Your photos are lovely!


Deb said...

I love your new blog header pic Julie & your arrangement in the beautiful white pot.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...


I thought I had your email addy but I cannot seem to find it. Guess what just arrived? Thank you so very much and I just love the vase that I won on your blog! It is just precious and I will cherish if forever! BTW, it looks fabulous along the other two white ones!

Thank you so very much for your friendship and your generosity for such a wonderful treat.


Jenn said...

Look at your beautiful pansies! In 27 degree weather!? My sweet little baby pansies finally bit the dust and I was so sad. I do love them so much:) Hooray for your big order to Red Shoes. I love your vases so much:):)


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