Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Laughing Dog

I am pretty sure Cub (yellow dog) Is cracking up..
At least i think so..
Tess is the black one..
They are mine, and I love them :)


Kimberly said...


Donna said...

So cute.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I see it! He is laughing!

Vivian said...

I think he just played a joke on Tess. She looks like she is at the bad end of a joke. He looks like he is laughing, all right.

Ticking and Toile said...

Hi Julie,
Def. looks like Cub is laughing! Too cute. Just found you & browsing thru your etsy store. I'm from Idaho as well. Off to browse some more!


Deb said...

Adorable!! Made me laugh too :-D

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