Sunday, February 21, 2010

waiting for Spring

This week has been full of sick kids. broken pots, trip to the nursery who is going to carry some of my pottery..a scruffy horse that i let out to eat some new green grass.. Spring cannot come soon enough for me. I want it yesterday! I have a hard time in the winter. Not my favorite time. I get through it barely. Just when i cannot take it anymore the season changes. That is a good thing..
Have a happy week.


Chicken Herder from Westville said...

Julie you are an amazing woman and I am awed at the strength you have!

Your photographs are lovely!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good for you to find the pretty things to keep your mind off the long final stretch of winter!

Vicki Greene said...

May spring come quickly for both of us! Hang in there.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hey there pretty friend! Just stopping by to send you a smile from not so sunny California.

Ahhhh....sorry about the broken bits. Just hold that chin up, girlfriend!


JRonson said...

these photos r so beautiful :O i love the 'LAUGH' it's so different, nice job here *.*

donna baker said...

Love that pony!

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