Friday, February 5, 2010

my life..

This was the sky this afternoon. I do not think I have seen blue in a month. I even pulled over and got out of my car for this shot..and the next shot is the ex-ray of my poor little sad pathetic pinky finger..i saw the hand dr. and he was actually very nice. He had manners. oh and i about died . I was waiting in the waiting room and two cops come in with an inmate in shackles. It was kind of scary to be honest. I had my camera and so badly wanted to take a picture. I chickened out. Pretended it did not make me nervous, but it did. I am a scaredy cat. I wondered what he did to get in that mess. 
So that was my highly interesting day. Have to wear the brace for three weeks. If it does not heal I get to go under the knife. something that I am not thrilled , so no tennis and no throwing pots. I may have to break out the knitting with my friend Kar..!
Have a beautiful weekend. !


Jonna said...

Julie, Not sure how I came across your blog but I did and love it. I am also in Idaho, small town about 40-50 miles from Boise. It's always fun to find others who are calling Idaho home.

farmerjulie said...

where in idaho? i am outside of Boise!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Makes me think of the first time I saw a student hauled out in hand cuffs when I was teaching.

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