Thursday, February 4, 2010


I was craving color today.
It is grey and yucky out west here in Idaho. 
So i listed some sunshine on my Etsy site.
This too shall pass, and my finger will get better and I will probably complain when it is too hot.
For now I will try and enjoy what is in front of me..
I go to the hand specialist Dr. tomorrow to see about my little finger. Not my idea, my other Dr. made the appointment for me. Who knew there was a hand specialist?  I did not know.
I knew of the foot Dr. i am rambling. sorry. not much else. all is good!
Have a Happy Thursday! 


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I actually learned about hand specialists a few years ago--long story. But I LOVE the photo--gorgeous color!

Stephen Nicodemus said...

Wow Julie! Great Blog! Your photography, pottery and arrangements are beautiful!

donna baker said...

What a life so far. I love people who go off in a different direction with no guarantees. I believe one can always make it work if they really want it. Hope the finger gets better. Love the sunflower as I cannot wait for spring.

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