Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday..Here is a pic of one of my birdhouses..sadly this one only received visitors from the hornets..i have yet to get a bird to actually habit one. I think it is because we feed the birds. Some wise old lady told me one day to keep your birdhouses high, and do not feed the birds and most likely you will get a bird to nest. . If anything, i still like the way the birdhouses look and add charater to the garden, and i love feeding and watching the quail come up to the house in the winter.


Felicia said...

Its very pretty. I installed a birdhouse this year but no birds nested in it. I'm hoping for a family this spring.

Deb said...

what a great looking birdhouse! We've never had a bird nest in any of our birdhouses either - although we have had Robins and Doves build nests ontop of our arbours. We were able to see inside the nest from our bedroom window and what a treat that was to look into the nest and see three little baby robins :-} It made my summer!

farmerjulie said...

good luck Felicia!

and Deb: i love when the birds nest, but we dont get them :( how great was that this summer. i bet it made your summer. ! it would have made mine..our friends had a robins nest at there front door, i got to go over there and enjoy it!
have a great day you two!

Anonymous said...

Such pretty flowers, ceramics, and horseys. :)

Donna said...

What a pretty bird house! I had to wait 2 years before a bird nested in one of mine. Even if they don't nest, birdhouses are so nice to have in the garden!
Donna :)

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