Friday, June 20, 2008

More in the makings..

Friday? This week flew by. Not very productive in the pottery field this week ..Just a few to show you. Planning on getting them on Etsy. I have them in and all ready to go..just so much going on. Betty the bulldog is at the vet as we speak. She has a bad infection. She will be OK. One kid is having a slumber party here, and they all want to go to the movies. I am thinking maybe the Redbox. Have you seen it? Its a little kiosk vending type machine where you rent movies. For 1.00 a day you can rent a movie. They are in front of Mc Donalds and grocery stores. I love it. Also, you can return them to any Redbox there is! Gotta love that! And maybe I will take them to Doug's Burger Den for an ice cream. We'll see.

Oh..and I bought a set of pastels. Going to be playing with them..Going to get my easel back out and start painting again..hopefully. I am feeling the need for something else. The never ending project. If I was smart I would just stick to one thing. But that is just way too boring. Right?

Have a wonderful weekend!!


lulusparkles said...

oh gosh yes!Redbox is the bomb...and so are your vases :)

farmerjulie said...

thanks miss lulu!
isnt it the best? i still have my Netflix though :)

Deb said...

Hope Betty is feeling better! Redbox sounds like a great (affordable) idea! Love the pic of your white pottery on that cute bistro set :-}. Enjoy your new set of pastels ~ you are so creative!

Jenn said...

Hi Julie! I've never heard of Redbox! Such a great idea!! Can't wait to see what you do with your new pastels:) I adore all your new vases including the black ones!! Happy week to ya:) xoxo...jenn

Vickie said...

Hi Julie,
Your pottery is real fun. At first glance it's classic and at second glance I realized it's whimsical. I bought pastels and haven't tried them yet. I don't like to stick to one thing or one style either.

Joy said...

What cute vases! I have not used redbox but my teenage son has and says its easy.

sharinoz said...

HI Julie...I work at Our Secret Cottage and was there the day you dropped off your wonderful Vases and beautiful flowers that now grace our new location in the Orville Jackson Building!

I have to say, when you brought them in, I could see that there was magic there!

Now that I have come to your site, I see that you have that same magic sprinkled all through your life!

The photos are gems, crisp, simple but oozing with detail that is so pleasing to the eye...and the spirit.

I will be back next Tues, Weds and Saturday ...and hope to see you...DO bring in the "birds" ...ok?
Melissa will be there this Saturday and don't forget to pick up your basket...I put it behind the counter for you...

Thanks for sharing your talent ...and your magic!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Love your vases! I will have to stop by your shop!:-) Lori

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