Monday, September 15, 2008

To post or not to post, when you have nothing to say..i really don't have much to say, but here is a picture of my handsome 19 year old. Isn`t he cute. He is about to get a haircut. Soon I hope :)

Taking care of two sick girls. I tell ya, its a germy place around here. I am cleaning the heck out of everything and washing, washing, washing.. Off to pick up one child, who then will have to get ready for soccer, and have his mom watch him. !( with my knitting of course) nerdy, i know. :)

Have a lovely day my friendlies!


Linda Crispell said...

He can't cut that cute hair! Having nothing to say has never been an obstacle to blogging, I wouldn't have gotten past my first blog if I waited for something profound to say.

Lisa Gallup said...

I love Trevor's hair! I saw the pic on Facebook and meant to comment. sigh. Our oldests are all grown up!! I use to sit and knit or crochet at soccer all the time. I got soooo much done! :)

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